Asad Owaisi Took 6 Wickets – Gem of an Article going Viral on Social media


How Asaduddin Owaisi’s 6 Wickets Haul Saved Osmania From Humiliation.

It was in the 1980s when Owaisi was young. It was three days South Zone Inter-University Cricket Final. The match was being played between Bangalore and Osmania (Hyderabad)

Owaisi was playing from Osmania’s side.

Match – Bangalore Cricket Team vs Osmania Cricket Team

The Osmania’s team was fielding miserably and dropped off 6 catches. This resulted in a Century by Arjun Raja the Bangalore’s batsman.

That is When Owaisi came to the rescue, he bowled Arjun Raja at 130 runs and went on to take a total of 6 wickets on that day of the match. He also took away the match from the clutches of Bangalore Cricket team.

Owaisi is the true Pride of Hyderabad

Indeed Asad Owaisi is a gem of a person.

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