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A new Program named “EVM Bhanda Phod Parivartan Yatra” is started by Bahujan Kranti Morcha along with SC, ST, OBC and Minority Organisations in Gulbarga.

“EVM” Bhanda Phod PROGRAM in Gulbarga is aimed to Awaken the people and show them the reality of the EVM machines used during elections. The EVM machines are reported to be Tampered during the elections which resulted in the loss of public votes and one sided elections.

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A Spokesperson interacted with Gohash and provided us with the details.

During the interview he said that the Mainstream media of our country is not providing us the details of the political parties and their agendas.

During the Subramanyam Swami case dated 8 October 2013 The Supreme Court gave the Verdict in which the Court said that It is possible to Tamper with the EVM machines. During the verdict it was agreed that the Congress party has done tampering during the last elections.

The Court also ordered the ruling party to replace the EVM machines with the Voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) to stop the tampering.

During the 2014 elections VVPAT was not implemented and EVM machines were reported to be tampered and manipulated. After the Elections more than 8 Lakh EVM machines were Scrapped.

The BJP government changed the “People’s Representative Act” in which only the Second Party was allowed to demand the recounting of the votes. Due to which the regional parties of the country are fading away from existence.

The country’s Democracy is in great Danger and unimportant issues are being raised rather than the important ones such as EVM tampering etc.

This Program is started to create awareness of the EVM tampering going on in the country.

These People are aiming to start a journey from the Anubhava Mantapa (Basavakalyan) to the Vidhan Sabha. The journey will end in the city of Bangalore.

Watch the full Video below :

Petition to Scrap EVM


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