Karnataka sees ‘triple talaq’ cases over dowry, birth of girl child



  • Bengaluru resident Mumtaz (name changed) underwent domestic abuse by her husband who kept pestering her for dowry. When she resisted, she was physically assaulted and the husband later “divorced” her through triple talaq.
  • The incident took place even as Parliament enacted the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019, which prohibits Triple Talaq.
  • There have been at least 51 cases of triple talaq reported until now in the state since 2019 and they are under various stages of hearing in courts.
  • This year alone, fifteen cases have been reported, according to data furnished by the government in the ongoing legislature session, with the majority of them being reported in Bengaluru Urban.
  • Details of the cases also show that the majority of the cases are related to dowry.
  • In some instances, triple talaq has been resorted to when the women gave birth to girl children. In one case in Bengaluru Urban, a woman was divorced through triple talaq and her marriage of 19 years ended. The couple have five daughters.
  • According to the complaint, the husband “divorced” her for giving birth to girl children.
  • Domestic violence and dowry-related cases have become more pronounced during the pandemic.
  • Geeta Menon, secretary, Sthree Jagriti Samithi, said Muslim and Dalit women are especially vulnerable as outside of patriarchy they also have to deal with caste hierarchies and poverty as well.


  • “Domestic violence cases have risen in general across all communities during the pandemic. Lockdown primarily forced couples and children to be at home, increasing the severity of pent up frustration that was there before,” she said.
  • As for the prohibition of triple talaq, Geeta said the legislation was good but it does not translate into better lives for women unless there are mechanisms of support, including support from within the community



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