2 Trains Collide In Hyderabad, 12 Injured


At least 12 people have been injured; no deaths have been reported so far.


Two trains were involved in a head-on collision near Hyderabad’s Kacheguda Railway Station at around 10.30 am. At least 12 people have been injured, including the driver of one of the trains. No deaths have been reported so far. The injured have been shifted to the nearby Osmania General Hospital, from where two people have already been discharged.

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Authorities are currently trying to extricate the driver who has been trapped amidst the wreckage.

The crash is believed to have been caused by a fault with the signaling system that meant no alerts were sounded when the trains wound up on the same track.

Fortunately, both trains were traveling at low speeds so the impact was reduced.

The collision involved three coaches of a local Hyderabad Mult-Modal Transport System (MMTS) train and four coaches of the Hundri Intercity coming from Kurnool, according to news agency ANI.

Railways Minister Piyush Goel tweeted, saying he had directed the relevant authorities to offer all possible assistance.

“Received the tragic news of the train accident in Hyderabad & immediate instructions have been given to the authorities for assistance & monitoring. Railway administration is extending assistance & have made arrangements for the treatment of the injured at the accident site,” Mr Goyal tweeted.

A high-level inquiry into the collision has been ordered.


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