46 Wildfires & Over Half The Wildlife Species In Danger: Uttarakhand Has Been Burning For 4 Days


Rise in mercury levels has given rise to wildfires in Uttarakhand region. As of now, 46 forest fires incidents have been reported in the state.

According toΒ reports, Uttarakhand has lost nearly 51.43 hectares of forest cover which is quite a lot. Even the forest department has been hit hard. They have incurred a loss of 1.32 lakhs.

  • United diagnosticss

    United diagnosticss


21 instances of forest fires have been reported from Kumaon region alone, making it one of the most affected regions in the state.


Till now, two people have lost their lives while trying to escape the wildfires. Last year, the state had recorded around 1,170 cases till May.


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