5 Tips to stay healthy this monsoon


With the monsoon season on it’s a peak in Gulbarga, sipping a hot tea & getting your hands out to touch the rainwater is the most common thing people do. But, there is more to it as monsoon also warns you of some diseases that you can be prone to.
Here is a 5 tip chart we got from Dr.Salman Patel who is a General Physician at Sunrise hospitals.


Tip #1: Drink Filtered water/Boiled Water.

Tip # 2: Eat well-cooked food.
Tip # 3: Eat green vegetables.
Tip # 4: Avoid spicy food.
Tip # 5: Take precautions to avoid Mosquito bites.

  • United diagnosticss

    United diagnosticss

Well, that’s all we have this week on gohealthy a new series on gohash.in where every week will bring you tips for Health & Fitness from our own city’s experts.


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