Actor Kiran Kumar tests positive for coronavirus


Bollywood actor Kiran Kumar late Saturday revealed he has been home quarantined since testing positive for coronavirus on May 14.

The veteran actor, popular for his work on both big and small screen, confirmed to ṭhat he has remained asymptomatic since the diagnosis.

  • United diagnosticss

    United diagnosticss

‘I am asymptomatic positive. On May 14, I had gotten myself tested, and it turned out in the report that I had COVID 19. But I had no symptoms then, nor do I have any now.

There’s no fever, no cough. I am fine and have self quarantined at home. It has been ten days, and I haven’t developed any symptoms,’ Kiran Kumar said.

The 74-year-old actor will get tested again in two or three days.

He said, ‘I am on the third floor. My family lives on the second floor. I am alone. I am reliving my boarding school days as I am doing everything on my own. I am going to get my second test done on May 26 or 27. Right now, I am absolutely fine.’

Kiran Kumar is the latest celebrity to test positive for coronavirus after Zoa Morani, Karim Morani and Kanika Kapoor.


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