Bengaluru: For engineering students, computer science still the biggest draw



  • When the results of the first round of CET allotment of engineering seats were announced on Saturday, the trends remained the same as last year: computer science and related subjects of AI, ML, and data science were the top picks.
  • Computer science seats at RV College of Engineering (RVCE) were picked up like hot cakes, with the cutoff rank at 93 for general merit students. Last year, the cutoff after round one was 98.
  • Next in demand at RVCE was information science, and the last student to get a seat had a rank of 158.
  • Computer science was the favourite at all colleges, with the other top ones in the city also seeing a cutoff below 500 for it. They include MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology (476), PES University (450) and BMS College of Engineering (498).
  • New-age courses such as artificial intelligence (AI), data science and cybersecurity were also well-received by many students. AI was more in demand than electronics in some colleges. The cutoff rank for AI and machine learning at MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology was 599, while that of information science was 863.
Other not-so-hot courses
Electronics was the next favourite, followed by electrical engineering. “Computer science, information science and the new related programmes were filled in most colleges. However, other courses such as electronics and electrical engineering have taken a beating. Like civil and mechanical engineering, they have taken a back seat,” said Ravi Shankar BV, principal of BMS College of Engineering.
“The job prospects for computer science engineers are high, not just in IT but across various sectors. Internships are also very wellpaid now. After Covid, there is a demand for new businesses. AI and ML are a step higher than CS. There are a lot of applications in all sectors for these too. In our college, we noticed aeroscience and biotechnology picking up. In aeroscience, while the cutoff was 1,800 last year, it is 1,200 this time,” said RVCE principal KN Subramanya.
Ali Khwaja, founder of Banjara Academy, said, “We came across three students who decided to repeat CET for CS. This is a new trend in a state where gap years are not part of the culture. However, students have to check if they have the aptitude for the stream while choosing it.”
Around 61,000 of the available 67,000 seats were allotted in the first round. Students who opt for choice 1 in the allotment can download the admission order between November 30 and December 2 (by 11am). The last date to report to college is December 3.


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