BJP to bring back anti-cow slaughter law in Karnataka


The state government will soon implement a ban on cow slaughter, sale and consumption of beef on the lines of many other Indian states, Animal Husbandry Prabhu Chavan said Friday.

Prohibition of cow slaughter was a promise the BJP had made in its manifesto for the 2018 Assembly elections.

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Speaking to reporters here, the minister said the government would constitute an expert committee to look into its implementation once the Covid-19 crisis eases. If need be, the committee will visit states like Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh where the ban on cow slaughter and consumption of beef has been “effectively implemented,” Chavan said, adding that the government was “committed” to enact the anti-cow slaughter law.

With this, the state government will look to bring back the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2010. This Bill was introduced during BS Yediyurappa’s earlier stint as the chief minister, seeking a blanket ban on slaughter of cattle and consumption of beef, while also prescribing penalty for violation of regulation.

This, as opposed to the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation Act, 1964 (which is in force now), which permits slaughter of bulls, bullocks and buffaloes if they are above 12 years or if they are unfit for breeding/ did not give milk.

While the 2010 Bill failed to get Presidential nod, the government changed hands and in 2013, the Congress government withdrew the Bill and retained the 1964 Act, amidst widespread agitation from BJP leaders.

Ever since the BJP came to power in the state, its leaders have been internally campaigning for an anti-cow slaughter law. According to Chavan, states such as Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand among others had a ban on cow slaughter in place.

Chavan also said that a Cow Protection Commission (Goseva Aayoga) will be made functional. It was set up in 2013, but the Congress government scrapped it. “The government wants to ensure cow protection, development of gaushalas and dairy products,” Chavan said.

Recently, the state government has also set up an animal welfare board based on Supreme Court’s directions, Chavan informed. In addition, the government will constitute a war room to help those engaged in animal husbandry, with expert advise on breeding and healthcare for animals, he said.


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