Cyclone Amphan upturns heavy container trucks in West Bengal



Cyclone Amphan upturns heavy container trucks in West Bengal

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Cyclone Amphan has made landfall on the western coast of India and states like Odisha and West Bengal are in the path of its fury. The devastating force of the cyclone has started causing widespread destruction in West Bengal. Two deaths have already been reported and more than 5 thousand houses have been damaged.

Cyclone Amphan’s landfall has caused strong winds to ravage the countryside. In West Bengal, winds having speeds of 110 to 120 kilometres and hour have been recorded and the intensity is likely to increase.

The winds are so strong, even heavy vehicles like trucks and containers are being upturned like toys. A twitter user has posted a video which shows just how strong these winds can be.

These trucks have not only been upturned where they stood on the road, one of them has even been flung off the road by Cyclone Amphan. the video again.

Cyclone Amphan is expected to hit Kolkata later this evening and move towards northeastern parts of the country.

Super Cyclone Amphan crosses West Bengal Coast between Digha & Hatiya close to Sunderban


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