Despite of law,no one has been fined for urinating in public Railway Station Gulbarga



  • Karnataka Gulbarga: To pee or not to pee? This is not a dilemma for people who want to relieve themselves under the open sky, on the footpath, near a tree or a wall.
  • After Karnataka Municipal Corporations Amendment Act, 2013 made urinating in public, among other things, an act that could attract a penalty, not a single citizen has been fined.
  • The situation outside the railway station was so terrible and the most surprising and shameful act done was the public openly urinating outside station which led” Gulbarga Live” to raise this issue to the Ministry of Railway.


  • We were glad that “Gulbarga Live” coverage alerted the MOR and quick action was taken in no time to maintain the hygienic condition and now the situation is quite hygienic and public toilets are available.

  • United diagnosticss

    United diagnosticss


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