Don’t fall for Fake Whats app Child Kidnappers Rumors

dcp kishore babu

With the increase in fake messages circulating on WhatsApp regarding a group of people from Iran, or some from other places who are kidnapping kids and selling them or killing them or even selling their kidneys. This kind of messages has brought almost 20 mob lynching cases across India last year in 2018 where the victim was falsely claimed as child lifter.
Again this year the messages are starting to float across social media,
Deputy Commissioner of Police Gulbarga Shri Kishore Babu has urged the Social media users especially on WhatsApp and facebook not to believe the messages and even don’t forward,as this result in unnecessary panic among people.

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    United diagnosticss

Sri Kishore babu also stressed that people who forward this kind of messages shall be penalized seriously according to the law.


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