Gullu dada clarifies he is not quitting film industry



  • Actor-filmmaker Adnan Sajid Khan who is popularly known as Gullu Dada on Thursday clarified that he is only quitting the Hyderabadi film industry and not quitting the film industry as a whole.
  • The actor shared a video for his fans in which he states that he is retiring the character of Gullu Dada forever. “Hyderabadi film industry is facing huge losses as the craze for Hyderabadi movies has declined. I do not want producers to face losses due to me; my last few films haven’t done well. So I have decided to quit Hyderabadi films.” he said in the video.
  • He further clarified that he would continue acting in Telugu and Bollywood movies.
  • Taking to Facebook, the actor on Tuesday made this announcement via a long note, exactly after fourteen years, on the date of his first movie release—RK Mama’s ‘FM Fun Aur Masti’, wherein he portrayed a local don named Gullu Dada. The film was released on November 16, 2007.
  • Sajid expressed his gratitude to his fans adding, “No matter how much I thank you for the love and respect you have given to me all these years, it’s very less… I’m a very lucky artist from Hyderabad. From children, mothers, sisters, and elderly people of the house gave love, prayers, and blessings, I will be thankful to everyone in my life.”
  • Sajid said that because of the popularity he gained from acting, and the prayers and blessings of the elderly, he could start his restaurant “Gullu Dada’s Biryani” and is running the start-up successfully by the grace of Allah. With the success in the food business, he became a small businessman and is nurturing an ambitious plan to open restaurant branches in other countries.
  • Adnan Sajid Khan started as a stage singer in the 1990s. Seventeen years later in 2007, he went on to make his acting debut. He is now one of the most popular faces in the Hyderabadi film industry. His character ‘Gullu Dada, earned him a place and a loyal fan base who have, over the years, become enamored with the behavior of the local Don.


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