JDS meeting closes in impasse, no choice on help to Congress or BJP in Gulbarga



  • On the question of whom to support, whether the Congress or BJP in Gulbarga, the Janata Dal Legislative Party (JDLP) meeting on Monday evening saw tremendous disagreement.
  • While some MLAs said support Congress because of secularism, some said support BJP because they are in power.
  • Finally, since there was no consensus on whom to support in Gulbarga, the JDLP agreed to authorise the leaders HD Kumaraswamy and HD Deve Gowda to take a decision, keeping interest of the party in mind – considering 2023 polls.
  • Remember, both Congress with 27 seats and BJP with 23 seats have made overtures to JDS seeking support.
  • Inadvertently hinting that BJP has an edge, HD Kumaraswamy clearly said let the Congress High Command and the local leaders contact us. All four JDs councillors have been protected inside a safe house near Bangalore because of fear of horsetrading and also because the councillors had been offered Rs 1 crore each.
  • The JDLP saw three prominent absentees namely MLAs – Srinivas Gowda from Kolar, Gubbi Srinivas and GT Deve Gowda from Mysore.


  • The JDLP has decided to hold a padayatra on issues concerning the people like water resources and they will converge from four different directions. The dates and other details of this will be worked out soon.
  • JDS also decided to announce 130 candidates names for the 2023 polls and hold a two day orientation class for the candidates on 28-29 September. They plan to have 150 names ready by January next year.


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