Kalaburagi corporation to focus on rainwater harvesting



  • To help resolve the issue of depleting groundwater, the Kalaburagi City Corporation is taking steps to carry out a rainwater harvesting system at government schools, hospitals, and office buildings.
  • Corporation Commissioner Snehal S. Lokhande, speaking to The Hindu on Saturday, said that the officials have been instructed to check the depletion of groundwater by taking up rainwater harvesting points on the rooftops of government schools, hospitals, and offices buildings. It is the need of the hour to tackle the water problem prevailing in the district, he added.
  • In the proposed ₹30.26-crore action plan for 2020-21, nearly ₹7.56 crore has been allocated for drinking water and rainwater harvesting and reuse, and ₹2.56 crore has been allocated for recharging the existing borewells and to set up rainwater harvesting pits in gardens and open places in the city, and around ₹37.8 lakh has been marked for the treatment of greywater and reuse, he added.
  • The corporation would also construct a model house to demonstrate the rainwater harvesting system at Gulshan Public Garden. The model house will give an idea of the whole process of rainwater collection area, storage, and recharge facility, Mr. Lokhande explained.


The corporation will be utilising funds to the tune of ₹81.77 lakh to repair and revive borewells in the city. Of the 1550 existing borewells in the city, 350 need repair and 150, which cannot be repaired, will be removed. We will not encourage new borewells from being dug up in the future and the corporation will effectively implement necessary infrastructure for providing a 24×7 supply of drinking water throughout the city” Mr. Lokhande said.


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