Karnataka CM Bommai saves Thursdays to pay attention to officials’ burdens



  • Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has set aside one day in the week to listen to issues of BJP legislators in the state as part of an excercise to prevent estrangement that occurred during the tenure of former CM B S Yediyurappa.
  • The chief minister will meet BJP legislators every week on Thursdays, the law and parliamentary affairs minister J C Madhuswamy said on Monday night after a BJP legislature party meeting in Bengaluru.
  • The weekly meetings of the CM with legislators is part of a series of initiatives undertaken by the BJP to synchronise the functioning of the government and the party.
  • BJP ministers have also started visiting the party office in recent days to meet party workers. Education minister B C Nagesh and agriculture minister B C Patil met party workers at the party office in Bengaluru a few days ago.
  • One of the major concerns in the BJP during the tenure of former CM Yediyurappa was the wide chasm between the government and party.
  • Legislature party meetings were not held and some legislators wrote to the party high command about their issues remaining unaddressed despite the BJP being in power in Karnataka.
  • Disgruntled legislators were a key factor in the BJP’s decision to change the CM in Karnataka in July – apart from the alleged interference in government administration by members of the former CM Yediyurappa’s family.


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