Karnataka govt to probe sale of protein powders

  • The State Government has decided to launch a probe into the illegal sale of protein powders recommended by gyms and others to gain muscle mass.
  • Law Minister JC Madhu Swamy informed the Assembly on Tuesday that the government will initiate action against those involved in illegal sale of protein powders. Raising this issue during the zero hour, BJP MLA Satish Reddy said that a youth in his constituency had died after he consumed protein powder.
  • “His heart and liver were damaged. The family spent more than Rs 50 lakh on his treatment. but he died. Many youths are falling prey to this,” he said, adding that there is a need to check illegal sale of protein powders.
  • When Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar suggested the need for a special drive by the Food Safety Department to catch the culprits, Speaker Vishves-hwara Hegde Kageri suggested that the State Govern-ment conduct a fair scientific analysis and then take action.


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