Lose belly fat like a pro with these five perfect tips plus one you never knew about



  • Talk of stubborn weight and one simply can’t think past belly fat as it is the easiest to accumulate and toughest to get rid of. Belly fat, besides making one seem out of shape, belly fat contributes to an increased risk of obesity, metabolic disorders, diabetes and other chronic health problems. While there are a plethora of diet fads and workout routines that can help burn stubborn belly fat like a pro, we’ll help share some basic tips to keep you moving on the road to fitness.
  • Take a look at our top five tips to help you lose belly fat like a pro and one additional pro suggestion that no one told you about.
  1. Increase your fibre intake: Fibre is a macronutrient that keeps the digestive tract clear and healthy, prevents constipation. According to a 2012 study by experts from the University of Carolina, increasing daily fibre intake by 10 grams helps reduce abdominal fat levels by 3.7 per cent. Foods like fruits, vegetables, pulses, beans, whole grains, and whole-wheat bread, and pasta are rich sources of fibre – foods that can help prevent bloating and may over time lower the risk of stroke.
  2. Watch your alcohol intake: One of the biggest foes of your weight loss efforts is alcohol. With its high-calorie content, alcohol in excessive quantities can add additional inches to your waistline in a brief period; and when combined with carbonated drinks or fruit juices, the effect is further worse.
  3. Enjoy healthy snacks mindfully: When it comes to snacking, one often struggles to find the right options. However, once those options are discovered, the next question is how much to eat safely. Experts recommend snacking wisely – opting for nuts and seeds instead of low-fat yogurts, fat-free crackers and biscuits, and no-sugar sodas as they do no good to your health. The key rule for snacking wisely is eliminating high sugar, high salt, high calorie, and high-fat foods while practicing portion control on the safe options. Instead of helping reduce your waistline, it could contribute to belly fat accumulation.
  4. Cut down on sugar: Sugar is another foe of health – increases belly fat accumulation risk, obesity risk and over time can contribute to diabetes as well if consumed uncontrollably. However, sugar does not specifically mean refined white sugar – it also includes energy drinks, packaged biscuits, cookies, cereals, binge-eating fruits, etc.
  5. Go for strength training: Strength training is super effective for weight loss and burning belly fat. According to several studies, it burns fat more effectively and builds muscle mass as well. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, strength training twice a week can be helpful for burning belly fat.
  6. Get ample sleep: Surprisingly, sleep can also contribute to the loss of belly fat as it helps manage cortisol levels. Sleep induces a sense of rest, curbs cravings, keeps appetite under control, and gives you more energy to move around. According to a study by experts from Columbia University, sleep-deprived people are more like to consume 300 additional calories than those who get ample rest.
Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a professional healthcare provider if you have any specific questions about any medical matter.


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