medical certificate issued for parole, Karnataka HC orders IMC enquiry

  • The Karnataka High Court referred the medical certificate issued by Dr Naveen TK, Managing Director of Life Care Hospital, to release a convicted prisoner from central prison at Bengaluru, on parole, to the Indian Medical Council to conduct enquiry as to how such a certificate has been issued. “The only reason why the parole is sought for is on the basis of the medical certificate which had been issued wherein it is contended that the mother of the petitioner suffers from Osteoarthritis and she is bedridden. It is not understood on what basis such a certificate has been issued.
  • The doctor further goes on to say the petitioner is required for monitoring his mother and that Osteoarthritis is a critical illness. I am unable to accept the said certificate issued by Dr Naveen. Hence, the petition stands dismissed. The matter is referred to the Indian Medical Council to conduct necessary enquiry as to how such a certificate has been issued,” Justice Suraj Govindaraj said while dismissing the petition filed by the prisoner questioning the endorsement issued by the prison authorities and seeking directions for release on parole.
  • The doctor has issued certificate stating that mother of the convicted, aged 68 years, is a patient with B/L knee Rheumatoid Osteoarthritis with osteoporosis from L1-L4. Hence, she needs her son to come for monitory check in view of critical illness. Hence, kindly consider 2-3 weeks for her son to attend. Based on this certificate, the prisoner approached the prison authorities to release him on parole but it was not considered.


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