No discussion, solutions for North Karnataka, rues Opposition



  • A huge protest by Congress members, demanding time to discuss developmental issues of North Karnataka, brought down the curtains on the two-week winter session with Water Resources Minister Govind Karjol responding on the issue. It was expected that the session  would devote time to discuss developmental issues of backward North Karnataka and come up with solutions for regional imbalance. But a half-day discussion in the Assembly did not throw up any solutions.
  • Taking part in the discussion earlier, Opposition leader Siddaramaiah alleged that then deputy PM L K Advani had rejected the demand for special status to Hyderabad-Karnataka region. But in 2013, PM Manmohan Singh gave special status (Article 371J) .
  • To address regional imbalance, CM S M Krishna formed the Prof Nanjundappa Commission, and Congress governments have released Rs 29,942 crore since 2007-08, he said. Listing the BJP’s failure to keep its election manifesto promise, he said the party claimed to have release Rs 1.5 lakh crore for irrigation projects but had released only Rs 33,835 crore. He also claimed that in 2013, BJP promised to spend Rs 50,000 crore on irrigation but spent Rs 51,217 crore through their five-year rule.
  • When Siddaramaiah demanded more time to discuss the Mahadayi, Tungabhadra  and other irrigation projects of North Karnataka, Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri declined, saying the House was to be adjourned after the first session, which led to the protest.
  • Karjol said that the Congress government was responsible for drought and underdevelopment in the region for many decades as it had not agreed to give Rs 2 crore to complete the Koyna Dam to supply water to North Karnataka.


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