What is NRC? List of Documents Required for NRC – Complete Details.

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What is NRC? List of Documents Required for NRC – Complete Details.

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register containing names of all genuine Indian citizens.

The NRC process is currently going on in the state of Assam. But there is a high possibility that it will be done throughout India in the year 2020.

Who are eligible to get registered in the NRC?

  • Persons whose names appear in the NRC list of 1951
  • Persons whose names appear in any of the Electoral Rolls up to March 24, 1971
  • Descendants of the above persons
  • People who came from another region on or after January 1, 1966, but before March 25, 1971, and registered themselves with the Foreigners Registration Regional Officer (FRRO) and were declared as Indian citizens by the Foreigner Tribunal
  • All Indian citizens including their relatives who moved to Assam after March 24, 1971 (They need to provide proof of residence in another part of the country as on March 24, 1971)
  • D’ voters can apply for inclusion of their names in the updated NRC (Their names will be included only when the appropriate Foreigner Tribunal declares them as non-foreigners)
  • Persons who can provide any one of the documents issued up to midnight of March 24, 1971, as mentioned in the list of documents admissible for citizenship.

WHAT IS THE LIST OF ADMISSIBLE DOCUMENTS? (The same list can be referred to by the people coming from other states of India and currently residing in Assam)

What is NRC? List of Documents Required for NRC – Complete Details.

  • United diagnosticss

    United diagnosticss

There will be two requirements for inclusion of names of any person in updated NRC–

1. The first requirement is a collection of ANY ONE of the following documents of List A issued before midnight of 24th March 1971 where the name of self or ancestor* appears (to prove residence up to midnight of 24th March 1971).

  • (1) 1951 NRC OR
  • (2) Electoral Roll(s) up to 24th March 1971 (midnight) OR
  • (3) Land & Tenancy Records OR
  • (4) Citizenship Certificate OR
  • (5) Permanent Residential Certificate OR
  • (6) Refugee Registration Certificate OR
  • (7) Passport OR
  • (8) LIC OR
  • (9) Any Govt. issued License/Certificate OR
  • (10) Govt. Service/ Employment Certificate OR
  • (11) Bank/Post Office Accounts OR
  • (12) Birth Certificate OR
  • (13) Board/University Educational Certificate OR
  • (14) Court Records/Processes.
  • What if I do not get myself registered in the NRC?

    You can face administrative/legal problems if you do not get yourself registered in the NRC.

    You may receive a notice from one of the 100 foreigner tribunals in Assam to establish your Indian citizenship. If you cannot establish it, you may face banishment or jail as a stateless person.

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