Once available, people of Delhi will get COVID-19 vaccine in 3-4 weeks: Satyendra Jain



  • New Delhi: Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain on Saturday asserted that the people of Delhi will get the COVID-19 vaccine within three to four weeks once it is ready.
    Whenever the vaccine is available in Delhi, within 3-4 weeks it will be administered all over the national capital,” he said at a press conference.
  • Earlier on Friday, Jain had said that there is sufficient infrastructure and equipment available in the national capital where a COVID-19 vaccine can be administered to its entire population in a few weeks once a vaccine is available.
    “We have a large number of health care facilities, such as mohalla clinics, poly clinics, and hospitals etc, where a COVID-19 vaccine can be administered to people,” he was quoted as saying by PTI.
  • The health minister also said that Delhi should be given priority during the distribution of the vaccine as it is the national capital.

Delhi govt-run hospital identified as first vaccine storage facility

  • The Delhi government-run Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital will be turned into city’s first storage facility for COVID-19 vaccine.
  • BL Sherwal, the managing director of the hospital, said a team from the Union Health Ministry has surveyed the building and approved it.
“The Delhi government had asked us to provide space to store vaccines. We have a three-storeyed building which can be used for this purpose. It has around 8,000 metre square area where vaccines can be stored,” Sherwal said.
  • He further said some work needs to be done to convert it into a cold storage facility like enlarging the doors to ensure entry of deep freezers.
  •  Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a virtual meeting with chief ministers of various states over the deteriorating pandemic situation advised them to keep cold storage facilities ready for COVID-19 vaccine beforehand and asked them to send a plan for its distribution to the Central government.


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