People don’t need loan, they need money: Rahul Gandhi urges Centre to rethink Rs 20 lakh crore package


New Delhi: Criticising the Narendra Modi-government’s self-reliance package announced recently, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said farmers and migrant labourers need cash and not loans and asked the Prime Minister to reconsider the COVID-19 economic stimulus package.

He said migrant workers who are walking home with an empty stomach, the farmers, small businessmen and other such people don’t need loans but money. “Today our people need money. PM should reconsider this package. Modi ji should think about direct cash transfer, 200 working days under MNREGA, money for farmers etc.

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because all of them are the future of India,” he said while interacting with journalists of regional media via video conferencing.

He said “the money is not being given for the fear of a decline in ratings. It is being said that if the deficit is increased today, agencies will reduce the ratings of India.”

The former Congress president said that he was trying to put pressure on the government for generating demand by putting money into the accounts of the poor and vulnerable sections of society. He said he had warned the government in February but there is no point talking about it now. “It is time to think of a solution for the upcoming potential economic storm,” he said during the interaction.

Gandhi said a ‘storm’ was brewing on the economic front that will cause damage and hurt many. “The storm has not come yet, it is coming and will cause big economic damage and hurt many,” he said.

He also said that it is important to lift the lockdown intelligently without sacrificing the old and vulnerable population to the disease.

“We hear that the central government is not giving as much money to the states as they should. I think the states should be supported and they should fight this battle. Maharashtra is the center of India’s economy and needs to be supported. Rather, the government should support all states adequately. The work of the center should be of management and the work of the states – to fight the coronavirus,” he stated.


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