Throwback: Why wearing masks was important even before the pandemic



  • New Delhi: Air pollution is a serious health issue. India falls under the category of one of the most polluted countries in the world. Masks have become the new normal because of coronavirus. If given a thought, they should have been normalised way before the pandemic, considering the air quality of our country.
  • Air pollution can be poisonous. The mixture of solid particles and harmful gases in the air emitted from cars, chimneys, factories and other chemicals pollute the air and make it unfit for breathing. It causes severe damage to human health.
  • The government of our country has taken several steps to control air pollution as much as possible. Air pollution was at its peak before the pandemic. The nationwide lockdown had a positive effect on the air quality in India.
  • It helped in the purification of air to a great extent. You could see the blue sky and white clouds which were hardly visible before the pandemic.
  • People could not step out of their homes in the pandemic, could not use vehicles, no factories were working, no chemicals were being burnt, which proved to be beneficial for the air quality.

    Why masks are important:

    1. Prevents transmission of bacteria- Masks cover your face and prevents any form of transmission of bacteria or virus from one person to another. It controls the spread of microbes. Microbes can cause severe infection. Hence, wearing a mask when you step out is highly recommended.
    2. Prevents inhaling poisonous air- Wearing a mask prevents you from inhaling the harmful particles that are present in the air. This air is poisonous and can cause serious damage to your health, especially your respiratory system.
    3. Good for respiratory system- It is beneficial for your respiratory system and keeps the respiratory diseases at bay. When you are wearing a mask every time you step out of the house, it will prevent pollutants from entering your body through your mouth and nose, which will in turn prevent throat and lung infections.
    4. Protects you against skin cancer– It also protects the skin of your face against any sort of skin cancer caused by the sun or pollution. If your face is covered, the harmful substances in the air will not come into contact with the skin of your face and protect you from any skin-related diseases.
    5. Controls diseases from spreading– Masks not only protect you but also controls the spread of any contagious disease. Such diseases could spread through mucus or coughing and sneezing. If you are wearing a mask, you are safe from such diseases.


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