WhatsApp trick: Spy on other contact’s WhatsApp Status without letting them know



  • WhatsApp launched the Status feature in the year 2018.
  • The feature allows you to upload photo or text for 24hrs only.
  • The Status feature lets you see who all have see your status.


  • WhatsApp launched the Status feature in 2018 probably with an innocent idea to make it more interactive. But over the time Status feature has become one of the subtle ways to express different emotions without too much of pomp and show.

  • A sad Status if you’ve recently had a heartbreak, a love-filled status if love is in the air around you, a warning in the status to not mess with you in case you’ve spotted some new enemies in your contact and so on.
  • WhatsApp Status is no longer a random upload. Funnily, it is now a cautious choice of post uploads targeting someone but making it look like a random one.
  • In such a scenario, how do you keep an eye on other’s status without letting them know. You may think that it’s not possible but it is and it involves a very simple trick.


  • Remember the good old Read receipt? Yes, the same blue tick feature that lets you know if your message has been read or not. To secretly see someone’s Status, open WhatsApp> Setting> Privacy> Toggle off the Read receipt.
  • Doing this will stop your contact from seeing your name in the list of people who saw their WhatsApp Status. However, doing this also has a disadvantage which is you also won’t be able to see the names of people who see your Status.


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