World Food Day 2021: Practicing and encouraging sustainable food habits



  • World Food Day is observed on October 16 worldwide and this day aims at spreading awareness about the importance of good nutrition and food policies across the world. Food sustains life and providing every individual on earth with equal nutrition opportunities is an essential step towards achieving a healthy and happy society. It must be kept in mind that our food habits can have a significant influence on the earth. Therefore, adopting low-impact and responsible eating habits, agri-food systems, and production methods is the need of the hour. Apart from providing better food, reliable production will also lead to a better environment and future.
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) tweeted on this occasion: “Today is #WorldFoodDay! Our food choices have an impact on:

Tips for sustainable food habits

Here are some quick tips for inculcating sustainable eating habits in the lifestyle:

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  1. Go crazy on plants: The carbon footprint of meat and animal-based products are higher than plant-based foods and can have a significant impact on the environment. Low impact food habits, including the adoption of a vegan/vegetarian diet or reducing animal-based food consumption, must be embraced.
  2. Be careful with your seafood choices: Make sure that your seafood choices are not harming the aquatic biodiversity. Pick from the choices that are available in abundance and avoid going for exotic options.
  3. Learn and educate: A clear sense of knowledge is important to catalyse the process of promoting ad adopting sustainable food habits. Keep educating yourself and others about ways to be more mindful about food habits and make an effort to spread awareness about the importance of a collectively channelled endeavour.
  4. Reduce waste: Food waste can have severe and adverse consequences on the environment. Undertake better food management and organization methods to ensure low food waste and a healthy environment.
  5. Produce and consume: Growing your food and spices can not just reduce carbon footprint, but it can also reduce waste. For sustainable food habits, opt for personally or locally produced foods instead of store-bought items.


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