16 villages of Kalaburagi achieve 100% first dose Covid vaccination:Health department



  • Almost 100 per cent of the eligible population of 16 villages and 90 percent in 162 hamlets in Kalaburagi district have received the first dose of  their Covid-19 vaccination. According to the information available, the entire eligible population of Venkatapur village of Chincholi taluk, Tugaon and Jamaga villages of Aland taluk, Kodla, Benakanhalli, Allolli, Kadakamba, Goudanahalli, Holuhgol, MushkaI, Namvar and Malvar villages of Sedam taluk, Bhairamadagi village of Afzalpur taluk and Kalagi of Chittapur taluk have received their first dose of vaccination.
  • In 162 villages of the district, 90 per cent vaccination has been carried out on the eligible population  ( 51 villages of Kalaburagi Rural, 33 villages of Chittapur taluk, 16 villages of Afzalpur taluk, 7 villages of Jewargi taluk and  29 villages of Chincholi taluk, 24 villages of Sedam taluk and 2 villages of Jewargi taluk), 70-90 per cent vaccination has been carried out in 344 villages and 50-70 per cent vaccination has been done in 357 villages of the district.
  • Less than 50 per cent vaccination coverage has been reported from 286 villages, including 66 villages in
    Jewargi, followed by 47 villages in Kalaburagi Rural. Sources said that of the total eligible population of 18,87,597, 12,00,495 people (64 per cent) have got their first dose and 4,97,323 people (41 per cent) have got their second dose.
  • Around 78 percent of the eligible population of Kalaburagi city (2,95,500 people) have taken their first dose. The lowest — 59 per cent of eligible population (1,78,161 people) have taken their first dose of the vaccine in Chittapur taluk.
  • Speaking to The New Indian Express, Kalaburagi District Health Officer Dr Sharanabasappa Ganajalkhed said 1.8 lakh people of the district have migrated elsewhere and details of the vaccination status of those people are being collected.  “Once we get all the details, the tally of the total vaccinated people in Kalaburagi district will improve,” he opined.


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