75% Salaries Cut of the Chief Miniter, State Cabinet, MLCs, MLAs | Due to Covid-19 Pandemic


Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandra Shekar Rao made some important announcement regarding the salaries of the Government Officials

There will be a 75% cut on the salaries of the Chief Minister, state cabinet, MLCs, MLAs, State Corporation Chairpersons, & local bodies representatives in view of the financial state of Telangana, due to #COVID19 pandemic

  • United diagnosticss

    United diagnosticss

There will be 60% salary cut for IAS, IPS, IFS and other such central services officers. For all other categories of employees, there will be a 50% salary cut. For Class-IV, outsourcing & contract employees, there will be a 10% salary cut

For all categories of pensioners there will be a 50% cut. For Class-IV retired employees there will be a 10% cut. For all the PSUs, Institutions that are receiving govt grants employees, like the government employees & retirees, there will be cut in their salaries


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