Bengaluru commissioner Bhaskar Rao’s instructions to his team


Bengaluru city police commissioner has laid out 15 special instructions to his team today. Find out what they are:
1. Please ensure free movement of people who are supplying milk, newspapers and vegetables. I heard some ATM cash supply vans were stopped, please ensure they do their work without hindrance.
2. Ensure social distancing is maintained in all provision, grocery and vegetable stores. Please ensure the circles to maintain distance are marked permanently and not in chalk.
3. Every police station will have a senior head constable or ASI as the PRO to address people’s needs. They should solve it or direct them to the ACP or DCP. Please do not insult or talk rudely to them. There should be a proper seating facility for them too.
4. Every station limits should have a few barricaded roads to prevent unnecessary movement of traffic
5. Over 2000 vehicles have been seized so far. Please release those with warnings. Any vehicles seized thereafter will not be released till the lockdown ends. 6. There have been excessive passes issued. Please use discretion and prioritise the ones in need, like those who are running stores or delivering food. Please do not issue passes to please people or misuse them. Keep a check on the passes that have been issued.
7. Law and order and traffic police should work together. They should also take videos wherever possible.
8. All our no lathi measures have been received well. Please continue to videography and document works of the vehicles being seized from tomorrow.
9. All paying guest accommodations need to be monitored and the owners warned about not misbehaving or using this time to increase recently.
10. All cops need to work in three shifts. The senior officers need to chalk this out with proper arrangements for food and hygiene.
11. There might be medical emergencies. Hoysalas need to go and drop them to the hospital. There is no need to wait for them. If the place is far, arrangements for their return needs to be made. Hoysala staff need to prioritize the emergency situations of citizens.
12. Many people step out for morning walks. The government has already instructed people to stop this. I request you to use advise them calmly through microphones and send them back, reminding them of their safety.
13. There are many residents of Bengaluru who hail from states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, and the Northeast. Please listen to them and if you cannot solve it, escalate it to the DCP. Similarly, help out those from North Karnataka and escalate issues if required.
14. Please do not use this time of need and your actions of helping people as photo opportunities for your social media.
15. Get in touch with BBMP officers to fumigate police quarters and stations, as it sees a lot of movement of people.


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