First death of COVID-19 vaccine recipient in Karnataka, 43-year-old suffers heart attack



  • BALLARI: A 43-year-old group D worker of a government hospital in Ballari who was administered the Covishield jab on January 16 died of a heart attack on Monday evening.

  • Mr. Nagaraju, of Ballari district who is permanent employee of Health dept, was vaccinated on 16/01/21 at around 1:00 PM and was normal till today morning (no uneventful events in 24 hours after vaccination ).
  • A Health department statement said the death was due to cardiac arrest.
  • After being administered the jab, he had come to work for two days. But on the third day — Monday — he complained of chest pain and was admitted to the hospital.
  • He was treated immediately and reffered to Jindal Sanjeeveni hospital for higher treatment. He was admitted in Jindal Sanjeeveni Hospital at 11:15 am. Highest level of treatment was provided, but he couldn’t be saved.
“None of the other health care workers who took the vaccine from the same vial had any adverse events. The dist. level AEFI Committee met and had detailed discussions. The conclusion is that the death was due to cardio respiratory arrest secondary to acute antereo septal wall MI.,” added the statement.
“It’s possible that the deceased person may have got a panic attack as he was already having a history of cardiac ailments. He had undergone ECG and was also a diabetic for the last 11 years. So far, no other cases have been reported of people who got a vaccine complaining about anything unusual,” a health department official said.


  • Health Minister Sudhakar said the death of the vaccine beneficiary in Ballari was not due to the Covishield vaccine, adding that the person had a myocardial infarction. This is the first death reported in Karnataka of a person who received the COVID vaccine.
  • “He took the vaccine on Saturday. He had hypertension and diabetes. His postmortem report is awaited. He had no side effects post taking the vaccine. Doctors tried to give emergency health care but he did not respond to treatment,” Sudhakar said.


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