Its Rain Time in Gulbarga


Rain! Rain! Come Again…
Since last 3 months, Gulbarga city was like set on fire due to scorching heat. It was next to impossible to move outside and carryout routine works. Gulbarga city faced the biggest drought problem like never before. It was difficult for people to collect water even for drinking purpose. The borewells became super dry. In need of water people started digging more borewells, but most of the time it led to disappointment.
Thanks to Almighty! By the grace of Almighty, the city blossomed again. The sorrow turned into happiness all around. Yes, the city is now blessed with the rainfall. It has been a week now that the city is having a good amount of rainfall due to which most of the dispute regarding the scarcity of water is coming to its end. The borewells that we set dry are now well recharged with water. The land that was set dry is now well nourished because of rain. The soil has gained its richness back again and setting the greenery all around. Since the rain is at its moderate level it can provide more benefits, importantly the groundwater level increases and it can be beneficial in further seasons.
People are enjoying this monsoon to the fullest. This rainfall has spread happiness and a smile of relief all over the city.
“Rain showers the spirit and water the soul”
Article by Sana Naaz

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