Karnataka: With exit likely, Yediyurappa doles out largesse to loyalists



  • As more indicators emerge that Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa is likely to exit, his appointments of close aides to plum posts are being seen as parting gifts. He is known to never let down those loyal to him.
  • With political heat peaking on change in leadership, and seers of prominent mutts taking to the streets in support, giving a kavi touch, Yediyurappa passed an order making his long-time personal secretary Kapu Siddalingaswamy chairman of the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation.
  • This development shocked many in party circles, as the Kannada actress who campaigned for the party and was rewarded as KSTDC Chairperson, was moved to the Karnataka Tempe-rance Board.


  • Meanwhile, Yediyurappa also announced a Covid-19 package during the second wave to keep government employees in good humour, by hiking dearness allowance by 11 per cent, though the Central government had not announced DA for 18 months following the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Yediyurappa, holding the finance portfolio, gave relief to state government employees. Though the government has not committed itself on the arrears, the new dearness allowance will come into effect from July 1, and will be paid in three instalments.
  • Meanwhile, there are also reports that Yediyurappa has appointed a journalist as Karnataka Media Academy Chairman, a post that was vacant for two years. It is also learnt that Yediyurappa and his team are expected to come out with a few more orders to accommodate his loyalists in the last few hours.


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