Nutrition makes all the difference: 5 ways a poor diet could nullify your workout efforts



  • Weight loss, physical strength, diet or any other factor for that matter – being fit and in form is a priority for everyone these days. From spending hours in the gym multiple times a day to trying to diet fads – millennials are trying it all. However, some continue to believe that fitness is all about breaking a sweat for hours and then eating all you want and everything you like. Turns out, it’s one of the biggest myths around fitness.
  • Ironical as it is, nutrition plays a vital role in wellbeing and could turn around workout efforts altogether. Although this effect is not evident instantly, overtime, it starts to reflect.
    Take a look at 5 ways a poor diet could nullify workout efforts.
    1. You will not be able to lose weight: The most important side effect of a poor diet on workouts is weight gain. While you could be spending hours at the gym to lose weight, failing to skip the pizzas and donuts or making them too frequent unlike once-a-week cheat meals, could have an adverse impact on weight loss efforts and may result in obesity over time.
    2. You will not feel energetic for workouts: The right foods could fuel your workouts and the wrong ones can make you feel lethargic thereby impacting exercise efforts. While eating a banana before hitting the gym could spike energy levels and eventual output. However, grabbing a bagel or burger could have an adverse impact. Therefore, say no to unhealthy, high in saturated fats and sugary foods before working out.
    3. You may not be able to tone your body: Sugar, vegetable oils, red meats and other unhealthy foods could prevent you from toning your body. On one hand, exercises could be targeted to calves, thighs, abs or arms. However, the wrong nutrition choices could store fats unwanted body parts and prevent you from developing the toned figure.
    4. You could be more prone to injury: Surprising as it is, nutritional deficiencies could make your body weak, prone to inflammation and eventually at an increased risk of injury during workouts. For instance, giving up on healthy fats like the ones in nuts, olive oil and fish for unhealthy fats like those in fried foods could not only up calorie intake but also impact the results of your efforts.
    5. You may not feel like working out: Unhealthy foods have an impact not only on your workout efforts but also on your desire to break a sweat. Junk food can often make you feel lethargic, thereby preventing you from going to the gym for weight loss. In the long term, the same can result in weight gain, obesity and other chronic conditions.
Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.


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