OnePlus Rolls Out Nearby Charging Station Feature, Installs Fast Charging Stations at Bengaluru Airport


OnePlus Rolls Out Nearby Charging Station Feature, Installs Fast Charging Stations at Bengaluru Airport


  • OnePlus 6 to get Nearby Charging Station feature soon
  • OnePlus is rolling out the feature in an incremental manner
  • OnePlus charging station to have USB ports for fast charging
OnePlus has announced that it is installing charging stations with Warp Charge 30 fast charging support at Indian airports. The company has also rolled out a new feature called Nearby Charging Stations to help OnePlus phone users get notifications every time they are near a charging station at an airport. OnePlus has introduced its first fast charging station in Bengaluru and will make one available at the Delhi airport soon. The Nearby Charging Station feature is being rolled out to OnePlus 8, OnePlus 7, and OnePlus Nord series of phones. The OnePlus 6 series is slated to get the feature soon.
OnePlus announced the new Nearby Charging Station feature for OxygenOS users on eligible phones on its forums page. The feature is rolling out specifically for Indian users as OnePlus sets up fast charging stations at Indian airports. The new service will notify users of nearby OnePlus charging stations at the airport. It will also show you the distance to the charging station and let you track it.
“With the help of beacons integrated into the charging stations, your OnePlus device identifies charging stations nearby. You can mute them anytime if you’re stuck in the long halts at the airports,” OnePlus explained in its blog. The notifications can be put on mute for six hours.
Currently, the new OnePlus fast charging stations have been installed at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, and Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi is slated to get these soon. The charging stations will support Warp Charge 30 and come with USB ports to insert (with inbuilt fast charging capability) your OnePlus red cables into. These stations will also have traditional three-pin plug points for those who prefer charging the traditional way.
OnePlus said that the rollout of Nearby Charging Station feature is incremental in nature, meaning that it may take a while before eligible handsets receive it. Also, apart from the two airports mentioned, OnePlus looks to add these charging stations at other airports across India.

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